TriCaster Advanced Edition 5-1 Notes:



Rev 5-1-191224 (December 24, 2019)


      * Support for XKeys controllers.

      * New H.264 Export Preset with a higher bitrate


Bug Fixes

      * Streaming and Exporting to YouTube has been fixed.

      * Exporting to LinkedIn has been fixed.

      * Login to has been fixed.

      * Fixed issues with login pages for some plugins.

      * Secure option checkbox removed for Facebook since secure connection is now required.

      * Fixed issue where surface lights rarely do not light on startup.

      * Swap primary monitor fixed.

      * Case Display on Mini can now be disabled.

      * Fixed graphics compatibility on very old units.

      * Fixed issue with audio distortion with high volume h264 recordings.

      * MBR streaming to more than 2 different resolutions is fixed.

      * Mini will now warn if the wrong DVI port is connected.

      * Clips missing progressive/interlaced information now correctly default to the right mode.

      * The last selected M/E will be restored upon re-launching a session.

      * Media browser now displays borders in the correct order.

      * Fixed issue with backup session on some drives.

      * Long recordings can now be exported as QT ProRes 4:2:2


Rev 5-1-190424 (April 24, 2019)

·        Made adjustment to Facebook streaming to default to RTMPS.

·        Corrected an issue with the case display on the Mini when setting it to “Clock”.


Rev 5-1-190411 (April 11, 2019)

·        Made several updates to work with recent changes made to FaceBook streaming.

·        Corrected an issue which could cause Dante audio to not work properly in some setups.

·        Corrected an issue which was causing some products to not correctly lock to an External TimeCode signal connected to the motherboard Line audio input.

·        Rapidly starting and stopping recording of multiple sources at the same time will no longer produce unexpected behavior.

·        Improved performance and reliability.

·        Corrected an issue causing Legacy Flash Streaming to not work properly in some situations.

·        Preview will now update properly when assigning the BLACK source to a DSK.

·        Tally over SDI is now working correctly for PTZ cameras being controlled via Ethernet.


Rev 5-1-181220 (December 20, 2018)

·        Corrected an issue causing control of AXIS PTZ cameras to not function properly.

·        Changing M/E tabs while a Comp transition is underway will no longer cause the transition to skip.

·        Opening and closing certain popup windows no longer causes intermittent keyboard focus issues.


Rev 5-1-181112 (November 12, 2018)

·        Corrected an issue which could cause Tracking to not function properly in some configurations.

·        Made several improvements to performance and stability.

·        Using arrow keys to navigate the Media Browser will no longer lead to unexpected behavior.

·        Rapidly starting and stopping recording several times in a row will no longer lead to strange behavior.

·        Corrected a timing issue in the interaction between Autoplay and M/Es which could cause Autoplay to not start playback in some cases.

·        Corrected an issue which could occur when attempting to change Replay Angles on clips which are still being recorded.

·        Updated the Imgur, LinkedIn, and Twitter export functionality to work with changes made to their sign-in processes.


Rev 5-1-180911 (September 11, 2018)

·        Corrected an issue which could cause slow response time, and cause control surface lights to get out of sync with the UI.

·        Corrected an issue which could rarely occur when recording a macro of some specific actions.

·        Corrected an issue which could cause some older sessions to not load correctly.

·        Using extremely short transition times no longer causes issues with Preview video in some session formats.


Rev 5-1-180706 (July 6, 2018)

·        Corrected an issue which could rarely occur when using titles containing Datalink variables in the DDR.

·        Updated streaming to work with changes made by several streaming service providers, including better handling of non-english characters in some cases.

·        Attempting to exit the software multiple times in a row while recording is now handled more gracefully.

·        Corrected an issue which could lead to the incorrect transition being selected in an M/E in specific circumstances.


Rev 5-1-180323 (March 23, 2018)

·        Improved Audio performance and reliability

·        Corrected an issue which could cause T-bar indicator lights on some Control Surfaces to light improperly.

·        Corrected an issue with the Ustream streaming preset not retaining profile information in some situations.

·        Corrected several issues with default headroom and VU meters visible in the Record Configuration.

·        Corrected an audio issue that could occur on Mini platform


Rev 5-1-180125 (January 25, 2018)

·        Corrected a rare audio sampling issue.

·        Corrected an issue which could rarely impact video on SDI Outputs.

·        Updated to work with changes made to FaceBook and YouTube.

·        Added option to not automatically connect to a single IP surface on the network.

·        Implemented streaming to Vimeo.


Rev 5-1-171027 (October 27, 2017)

·        Corrected an issue with analog audio.

·        Corrected an Autoplay issue which could occur at low DDR playback speeds.

·        Corrected an issue that could occur when using Animation Store transitions in the DDR.

·        Help options now open the correct documents.


Rev 5-1-170928 (September 28, 2017)

·        Corrected some issues with “Use External Name” on inputs not showing the correct name.

·        Corrected a startup issue when Windows was set to certain region/number formats.

·        Corrected an issue that could occur when setting the case monitor on Mini to “Clock”.

·        Corrected a visual issue that could occur when using borders in M/Es.

·        Corrected an issue where the “Flip” option would not work for some PTZ cameras.

·        Improved the responsiveness of some Control Surface modifier keys.



Rev 5-1-170816 (August 16, 2017)

·        Made a change to prevent a rare issue which could arise when operating a PTZ camera for extremely long periods of time.

·        Corrected an issue where certain HDMI cameras were not negotiating format correctly when connected to a Mini HDMI.

·        Recorded files now correctly embed timecode generated by external Timecode Generators.

·        Corrected an issue with the Video Delay setting.

·        Updated support of the LiveStream streaming plugin.

·        Corrected an issue which was causing ASC to not create valid effects with specific types of content.

·        Improved LiveMatte quality.


Rev 5-1-170720 (July 20, 2017)

·        Corrected some issues with the button layout for both the 8000 and the TC1L control surfaces.

·        Corrected an issue with sending SD output from an HD session.

·        Corrected an issue where flip would be grayed out with some PTZ cameras that should support the option.

·        Corrected a rare issue where some systems would get stuck at a black screen on launch.


Rev 5-1-170626 (June 26, 2017)

·        Added support for TriCaster 860 & 8000 to utilize the TC1 L control surface.

·        Corrected some issues with PTZ.

·        Corrected some issues with streaming to Livestream Enterprise accounts.

·        Corrected scaling issues with borders.

·        Corrected an issue with setting duration in Comps.



Rev 5-1-170510 (May 10, 2017)

·        Added support for 8 channel iso-recording to the 8000 platform.

·        Corrected an issue with modifying sessions.

·        Corrected an issue with the software updater failing to properly install a security patch.

·      Corrected the default record and grab still destination.

·      Corrected an issue with the media shortcuts located in the session management screen.