TriCaster Advanced Edition 3 Notes:



7-0-190802 (August 2, 2019)

Please note that updates have been made to Control Surface operations for some models.  In particular, some units did not previously provide a means for the Joystick’s PTZ delegate to ‘Follow Preview’ row selection.  Please see the User Guide for details.


(Preview: In a future revision, “PTZ SEL” operation will be extended to other Switcher sources, providing consistent Joystick delegate selection using the KEY row – regardless of source type.  For example, choosing an M/E with a LiveSet effect will give you zoom and pan control using the Joystick.  And since Premium Access membership adds ‘virtual PTZ’ control (a.k.a. Pan and Scan) to static cameras, Media Players and Buffers alike, members will be able to use PTZ SEL to delegate any Switcher source.  Or, if you’d rather, use the Follow Preview function to completely eliminate manually selecting Joystick delegates!)


•       Made several tweaks and improvements to Control Surface functionality.

•       Corrected an issue which was causing slow response when using Ethernet PTZ to control 2 or more cameras from some manufacturers.

•       Fixed an issue which could rarely cause problems when interacting with COMPs from a Control Surface.

•       Improved support for serial control of PTZ cameras to work with more models.

•       Corrected an interaction between Autoplay and transitions set to ‘CUT’

•       Corrected an issue which could cause video artifacts on SDI inputs of some products.

•       Importing or transcoding some types of .MXF files will no longer convert the audio to mono.

•       Corrected an issue which could rarely cause Streaming Presets to disappear on session startup.

•       Pressing and holding multiple ‘Bank’ buttons at the same time on Control Surfaces which have them no longer causes the surface to behave unexpectedly.

•       Improved performance and reliability.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause keyboard shortcuts to not register properly when first opening a session.


7-0-190606 (June 6, 2019)

•       Corrected an issue which could cause some machines to show minor graphical artifacts on SDI Inputs.


7-0-190604 (June 4, 2019)

•       Addressed an issue which could rarely cause output problems on 410 Plus machines.

•       Corrected an issue causing some Control Surfaces to not be recognized properly by the 410 Plus.

•       Added Import/Export functionality to Control Surface Mappings.

•       Using keyboard shortcuts or macros to change main switcher delegates no longer leads to the Preview monitor looking incorrect.

•       Having the Autoplay option enabled in a DDR will no longer cause that DDR to begin playback at session start.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the Swap Primary Monitor functionality to not work with some monitor configurations.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause PTZ Ethernet control to not work immediately after configuring in some scenarios.

•       Selecting PTZ Presets using the PTZ SEL button with Knob A on a control surface will now display the PTZ Presets correctly while selection is in progress.


7-0-190429 (April 29, 2019)

•       Made change to streaming to default Facebook to RTMPS.

•       Corrected an issue with Title names in the DDRs.

•       Corrected an issue with webpage password configuration.

•       Corrected an issue with macro recording a destination for Grab stills.

•       Added the ability to see enabled “Feature Key” serial numbers in the “Enter Feature Key” area located in the Administrator Mode panel.

•       Corrected an issue with Audio “Follow (video source)” dropdown not showing correct selection in rare scenario.

•       Corrected an issue with emem thumbnails not always showing properly.


7-0-190409 (April 9, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Rapidly starting and stopping recording will no longer produce unpredictable behavior.

•       Corrected an issue with the AutoPlay > Extend Play option.

•       Exporting a large amount of files in a single session will no longer cause slowdown issues.

•       Corrected an issue causing Titles loaded into Buffers to display incorrectly on some models of TriCaster.

•       Corrected an issue that could rarely cause audio routing issues when streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously.

•       The ability to set individual button colors on Novation Launchpad surfaces which support this functionality is now working correctly.

•       Fixed an issue causing some models to have an incorrect number of local recording channels available.

•       Corrected several button mapping issues when using older Control Surfaces with AE3 software.


 7-0-190207 (February 7, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Updated FaceBook streaming and publishing to work with groups again after a change made by FaceBook.

•       Corrected an issue with Dante audio output.

•       Corrected several macros interactions with PTZ Zoom, and COMPs.

•       Some LiveGfx projects could cause issues when loaded, these are now handled more gracefully.

•       Added a second streaming encoder for all Advanced Edition 3 products.