NewTek Connect1 I/O (NC1 I/O):



       Corrected an issue with quadlink output losing connection when setting an output to SDI out 3 or 4.

       Made an improvement to CPU utilization increasing overall system performance.



       Corrected a rare configuration panel issue that could occur on exit.

       Improved NDI KVM performance.



       Added NDI KVM support.

       Added NC1IO M system support.

       Updated NDI send and receive as well as further improved multi-NIC performance.



       Corrected an issue that could occur when using Multicast on a machine with multiple NICs.

       Corrected an issue with registration.

       Improved load balancing for systems running with multiple NICs.

       Improved NDI performance.

       Improved performance when sending 6 or more Outputs at the same time.

       Corrected an issue with Quadlink SDI.

       Enabling Genlock will no longer cause issues with SDI Output in specific situations.




       Corrected an audio issue which could rarely occur when pulling NDI video from the DDR of another machine directly.

       Corrected several issues with automatic detection of SDI video formats.

       Improved NDI performance.




       Corrected minor UI issue with web page.

       Improved NDI performance.