TC1/VMC1 Notes:



7-0-190606 (June 6, 2019)

•       Corrected an issue which could cause some machines to show minor graphical artifacts on SDI Inputs.


7-0-190604 (June 4, 2019)

•       Added Import/Export functionality to Control Surface Mappings.

•       Using keyboard shortcuts or macros to change main switcher delegates no longer leads to the Preview monitor looking incorrect.

•       Having the Autoplay option enabled in a DDR will no longer cause that DDR to begin playback at session start.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the Swap Primary Monitor functionality to not work with some monitor configurations.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause PTZ Ethernet control to not work immediately after configuring in some scenarios.

•       Selecting PTZ Presets using the PTZ SEL button with Knob A on a control surface will now display the PTZ Presets correctly while selection is in progress.


7-0-190429 (April 29, 2019)

•       Made change to streaming to default Facebook to RTMPS.

•       Corrected an issue with Title names in the DDRs.

•       Corrected an issue with webpage password configuration.

•       Corrected an issue with macro recording a destination for Grab stills.

•       Added the ability to see enabled “Feature Key” serial numbers in the “Enter Feature Key” area located in the Administrator Mode panel.

•       Corrected an issue with Audio “Follow (video source)” dropdown not showing correct selection in rare scenario.

•       Corrected an issue with emem thumbnails not always showing properly.

•       Corrected an issue where a single quadrant (quadlink 4k output) could be one frame off from the other three when in a 4k session.


7-0-190409 (April 9, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Rapidly starting and stopping recording will no longer produce unpredictable behavior.

•       Corrected an issue with the AutoPlay > Extend Play option.

•       Exporting a large amount of files in a single session will no longer cause slowdown issues.

•       Corrected an issue causing Titles loaded into Buffers to display incorrectly on some models of TriCaster.

•       Corrected an issue that could rarely cause audio routing issues when streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously.

•       The ability to set individual button colors on Novation Launchpad surfaces which support this functionality is now working correctly.

•       Fixed an issue causing some models to have an incorrect number of local recording channels available.

•       Corrected several button mapping issues when using older Control Surfaces with AE3 software.


7-0-190222 (February 22, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Corrected an issue that caused some custom built LiveGraphics titles to not load properly.

•       Updated to work with changes made by FaceBook related to streaming to groups/pages.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause Comps to not animate correctly in some situations.


7-0-190130 (January 30, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Corrupted mDNS packets are now handled more gracefully.

•       Corrected an issue that could cause strange behavior when changing M/E Tabs with the Comp bin open.

•       Recalling Audio presets will no longer fail to properly apply the settings in some situations.

•       Corrected an issue which could occur with Replays automatically added from an External recording.


7-0-181220 (December 20, 2018)

•       Made changes to streaming to improve reliability.

•       Updated Control Surface firmware to address some surfaces detecting incorrectly.

•       Corrected an issue with sending audio to Dante Supplemental Output directly from some sources.

•       Corrected an issue when controlling PTZ cameras from a Control Surface which could cause the camera to continue motion after the joystick was released.

•       Headphone audio now correctly follows routing in all situations.


7-0-181102 (November 2, 2018)

•       Made several improvements to product performance and reliability.

•       Corrected a rare issue which could lead to Record not starting/stopping properly in some specific scenarios.

•       Corrected an issue with sending Interlaced SDI video from some Progressive session formats.

•       Titles added with the ‘Save and Duplicate’ functionality no longer exhibit strange behavior.

•       Corrected an issue with controlling a PTZ camera over NDI while using the SDI video from the same camera.


7-0-181017 (October 17, 2018)

•       Added Premium Access support


6-0-180913 (September 13, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which could cause slow response time, and cause control surface lights to get out of sync with the UI.


6-0-180820 (August 20, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which could happen when using DataLink variables in some titles.

•       Multiple bitrate streams which are improperly configured now provide a more informative error message.

•       Corrected a Multicast issue occurring on machines with 2 active network connections in certain network configurations.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause button lights on control surfaces to get out of sync with the UI on some machines.

•      Editing DataLink variables immediately after exiting a session no longer causes loss of recent session changes.

•       Attempting to exit a second time while the warning not to exit during recording is being displayed is now handled more gracefully.


6-0-180613 (June 13, 2018)

•       Updated streaming to work with changes made to several streaming service providers.

•       Corrected an issue with macro labels on IP surfaces which have had their buttons remapped.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause switching between certain types of sources take longer than appropriate when multiple monitors were connected.

•       Genlock in 4k sessions now properly changes the timecode color to indicate it has been properly configured.

•       Corrected an issue which was preventing exporting to some video formats in some progressive session formats.

•       Automatic detection of format in SDI inputs has been improved to better handle some specific scenarios.

•       Corrected an interaction between NDI Tally and the Audio Follow functionality.


6-0-180327 (March 27, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which was causing IP surfaces to not connect properly in some network configurations.

•       Corrected an issue causing Macro Recorder to not detect some Input Config changes.

•       Improved the way Streaming handles a connection timeout.

•       Corrected an issue causing some specific models of PTZ cameras to not be correctly retaining Connection Type information when exiting the session.

•       Corrected an issue with Tally which was occurring when setting some Inputs to NDI sources.


6-0-180228 (February 28, 2018)

•       Major performance and stability improvements to Audio and Video Output including a complete audio rework.

•       Updated to work with changes made to FaceBook and YouTube.

•       Corrected an issue which could occur after exporting presets to some network drives.

•       Updated to better work with certain types of single channel audio in media.

•       Improved recovery when unexpectedly losing connection to a USB surface while in a session.

•       Corrected an issue with the Auto Publish functionality of Export.

•       Added ability to disable “Auto Connect to Single Surface” in the Control Surface Configuration tool to prevent unwanted connections in environments with one network Control Surface and multiple TriCaster/VMC machines on the same network.

•       Corrected an issue with renamed outputs which was interacting incorrectly with some functionality.

•       Corrected an issue with the Compressor/Limiter functionality on Master Output.


6-0-171207 (December 7, 2017)

•       Corrected an issue which could occur when renaming 2 Outputs the same thing.

•       Adding the root of a mapped network drive as a Custom Media Location no longer causes issues.

•       Setting the source of a Multiview monitor set to the Scopes Layout no longer causes issues in some multi-monitor configurations.

•       Corrected an issue with NDI Access Manager on some systems.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause Control Surface Mappings to not correctly apply to all rows on some surfaces.


6-0-171029 (October 29, 2017)

•       Corrected a rare issue with analog audio inputs sounding incorrect on some systems.

•       Corrected case sensitivity with registration text fields.

•       Corrected an issue that could come up when streaming simultaneously to multiple streaming entities.

•       Corrected some UI alignment and text issues.


6-0-171019 (October 19, 2017)

•       Corrected an issue which could rarely cause audio issues on startup.

•       TC1L surface T-bars now change color to match the UI.

•       Connecting to PTZ cameras with both NDI and Ethernet/Serial at the same time is no longer allowed as this causes conflicts in control and tally of the camera.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the sources assigned to hardware outputs to not save correctly in some situations.

•       Skype channels have been updated to a more recent version.

•       Corrected an issue with macro commands not setting NDI, and audio input sources correctly.

•       Corrected an issue with configuration of NDI|HX sources.


6-0-170815 (August 15, 2017)

•       Added a key mapping tab to the “NewTek Control Surfaces” tool located in the Add-Ons area.

•       Corrected an issue with record gain adjustments not being respected in h.264 and audio only recordings.

•       Corrected an issue where Audio input type was not being saved in Audio Mixer presets.

•       Added 24p sessions back to the session creation screen.

•       Corrected some issues with delegating a Mix on a control surface stripe.


Rev 6-0-170629 (June 29, 2017)

·         Corrected an issue with audio when recording inputs directly.

·         Corrected some issues with PTZ camera controls.

·         Corrected issues with shortcuts used in the audio mixer.

·         Corrected issues with streaming to Livestream Enterprise accounts.

·         Corrected a rare issue where the session launch animation could end before the session was completely loaded.

·         Improved the Comp transition duration settings to allow for quicker and more precise Comp transitions.

·         Corrected issues when using SD resolution outputs.

·         Corrected an issue where drag and dropping titles between DDRs and Buffers would not keep user changes.

·         Corrected an issue where an eflash message could come up when creating a new macro.


Rev 6-0-170531 (May 31, 2017)

·         Corrected a delay that could show up when bringing a DSK on or off.

·         Corrected some issues with window layers (sometimes the media browser could come up behind other panels).

·         Improved a/v sync stability in streaming.

·         Corrected a rare session launch issue, where startup would take an abnormally long time.

·         Corrected some complications with importing/exporting presets.

·         Improved TC1 surface responsiveness.