TC1/VMC1 Notes:



7-0-191008 (October 8, 2019)

•       Added support for NDI 4 send and receive.

•       Updated streaming to work with new changes made by Twitch.

•       Corrected an issue with FaceBook streaming which could cause the login token to not properly refresh in some cases.

•       It is no longer possible to begin a ‘Fast Import’ before the file type is determined. This could lead to a clip being imported as a still, and other undesirable behavior.

•       Corrected an issue which could rarely cause clips played in the DDR to not send the proper audio after interacting with Audio Mixer presets.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the Audio Mixer page of LivePanel to become out of sync with the Audio Mixer settings in the UI.


7-0-190802 (August 2, 2019)

Please note that updates have been made to Control Surface operations for some models.  In particular, some units did not previously provide a means for the Joystick’s PTZ delegate to ‘Follow Preview’ row selection.  Please see the User Guide for details.


(Preview: In a future revision, “PTZ SEL” operation will be extended to other Switcher sources, providing consistent Joystick delegate selection using the KEY row – regardless of source type.  For example, choosing an M/E with a LiveSet effect will give you zoom and pan control using the Joystick.  And since Premium Access membership adds ‘virtual PTZ’ control (a.k.a. Pan and Scan) to static cameras, Media Players and Buffers alike, members will be able to use PTZ SEL to delegate any Switcher source.  Or, if you’d rather, use the Follow Preview function to completely eliminate manually selecting Joystick delegates!)


•       Made several tweaks and improvements to Control Surface functionality.

•       Corrected an issue which was causing slow response when using Ethernet PTZ to control 2 or more cameras from some manufacturers.

•       Fixed an issue which could rarely cause problems when interacting with COMPs from a Control Surface.

•       Improved support for serial control of PTZ cameras to work with more models.

•       Corrected an interaction between Autoplay and transitions set to ‘CUT’

•       Corrected an issue which could cause video artifacts on SDI inputs of some products.

•       Importing or transcoding some types of .MXF files will no longer convert the audio to mono.

•       Corrected an issue which could rarely cause Streaming Presets to disappear on session startup.

•       Pressing and holding multiple ‘Bank’ buttons at the same time on Control Surfaces which have them no longer causes the surface to behave unexpectedly.

•       Improved performance and reliability.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause keyboard shortcuts to not register properly when first opening a session.


7-0-190606 (June 6, 2019)

•       Corrected an issue which could cause some machines to show minor graphical artifacts on SDI Inputs.


7-0-190604 (June 4, 2019)

•       Added Import/Export functionality to Control Surface Mappings.

•       Using keyboard shortcuts or macros to change main switcher delegates no longer leads to the Preview monitor looking incorrect.

•       Having the Autoplay option enabled in a DDR will no longer cause that DDR to begin playback at session start.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the Swap Primary Monitor functionality to not work with some monitor configurations.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause PTZ Ethernet control to not work immediately after configuring in some scenarios.

•       Selecting PTZ Presets using the PTZ SEL button with Knob A on a control surface will now display the PTZ Presets correctly while selection is in progress.


7-0-190429 (April 29, 2019)

•       Made change to streaming to default Facebook to RTMPS.

•       Corrected an issue with Title names in the DDRs.

•       Corrected an issue with webpage password configuration.

•       Corrected an issue with macro recording a destination for Grab stills.

•       Added the ability to see enabled “Feature Key” serial numbers in the “Enter Feature Key” area located in the Administrator Mode panel.

•       Corrected an issue with Audio “Follow (video source)” dropdown not showing correct selection in rare scenario.

•       Corrected an issue with emem thumbnails not always showing properly.

•       Corrected an issue where a single quadrant (quadlink 4k output) could be one frame off from the other three when in a 4k session.


7-0-190409 (April 9, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Rapidly starting and stopping recording will no longer produce unpredictable behavior.

•       Corrected an issue with the AutoPlay > Extend Play option.

•       Exporting a large amount of files in a single session will no longer cause slowdown issues.

•       Corrected an issue causing Titles loaded into Buffers to display incorrectly on some models of TriCaster.

•       Corrected an issue that could rarely cause audio routing issues when streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously.

•       The ability to set individual button colors on Novation Launchpad surfaces which support this functionality is now working correctly.

•       Fixed an issue causing some models to have an incorrect number of local recording channels available.

•       Corrected several button mapping issues when using older Control Surfaces with AE3 software.


7-0-190222 (February 22, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Corrected an issue that caused some custom built LiveGraphics titles to not load properly.

•       Updated to work with changes made by FaceBook related to streaming to groups/pages.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause Comps to not animate correctly in some situations.


7-0-190130 (January 30, 2019)

•       Made changes to improve performance and reliability.

•       Corrupted mDNS packets are now handled more gracefully.

•       Corrected an issue that could cause strange behavior when changing M/E Tabs with the Comp bin open.

•       Recalling Audio presets will no longer fail to properly apply the settings in some situations.

•       Corrected an issue which could occur with Replays automatically added from an External recording.


7-0-181220 (December 20, 2018)

•       Made changes to streaming to improve reliability.

•       Updated Control Surface firmware to address some surfaces detecting incorrectly.

•       Corrected an issue with sending audio to Dante Supplemental Output directly from some sources.

•       Corrected an issue when controlling PTZ cameras from a Control Surface which could cause the camera to continue motion after the joystick was released.

•       Headphone audio now correctly follows routing in all situations.


7-0-181102 (November 2, 2018)

•       Made several improvements to product performance and reliability.

•       Corrected a rare issue which could lead to Record not starting/stopping properly in some specific scenarios.

•       Corrected an issue with sending Interlaced SDI video from some Progressive session formats.

•       Titles added with the ‘Save and Duplicate’ functionality no longer exhibit strange behavior.

•       Corrected an issue with controlling a PTZ camera over NDI while using the SDI video from the same camera.


7-0-181017 (October 17, 2018)

•       Added support for Premium Access (Premium Access license required).
To see what’s new with 7-0 and Premium Access check out this video or the Premium Access web page


6-0-180913 (September 13, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which could cause slow response time, and cause control surface lights to get out of sync with the UI.


6-0-180820 (August 20, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which could happen when using DataLink variables in some titles.

•       Multiple bitrate streams which are improperly configured now provide a more informative error message.

•       Corrected a Multicast issue occurring on machines with 2 active network connections in certain network configurations.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause button lights on control surfaces to get out of sync with the UI on some machines.

•      Editing DataLink variables immediately after exiting a session no longer causes loss of recent session changes.

•       Attempting to exit a second time while the warning not to exit during recording is being displayed is now handled more gracefully.


6-0-180613 (June 13, 2018)

•       Updated streaming to work with changes made to several streaming service providers.

•       Corrected an issue with macro labels on IP surfaces which have had their buttons remapped.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause switching between certain types of sources take longer than appropriate when multiple monitors were connected.

•       Genlock in 4k sessions now properly changes the timecode color to indicate it has been properly configured.

•       Corrected an issue which was preventing exporting to some video formats in some progressive session formats.

•       Automatic detection of format in SDI inputs has been improved to better handle some specific scenarios.

•       Corrected an interaction between NDI Tally and the Audio Follow functionality.


6-0-180327 (March 27, 2018)

•       Corrected an issue which was causing IP surfaces to not connect properly in some network configurations.

•       Corrected an issue causing Macro Recorder to not detect some Input Config changes.

•       Improved the way Streaming handles a connection timeout.

•       Corrected an issue causing some specific models of PTZ cameras to not be correctly retaining Connection Type information when exiting the session.

•       Corrected an issue with Tally which was occurring when setting some Inputs to NDI sources.


6-0-180228 (February 28, 2018)

•       Major performance and stability improvements to Audio and Video Output including a complete audio rework.

•       Updated to work with changes made to FaceBook and YouTube.

•       Corrected an issue which could occur after exporting presets to some network drives.

•       Updated to better work with certain types of single channel audio in media.

•       Improved recovery when unexpectedly losing connection to a USB surface while in a session.

•       Corrected an issue with the Auto Publish functionality of Export.

•       Added ability to disable “Auto Connect to Single Surface” in the Control Surface Configuration tool to prevent unwanted connections in environments with one network Control Surface and multiple TriCaster/VMC machines on the same network.

•       Corrected an issue with renamed outputs which was interacting incorrectly with some functionality.

•       Corrected an issue with the Compressor/Limiter functionality on Master Output.


6-0-171207 (December 7, 2017)

•       Corrected an issue which could occur when renaming 2 Outputs the same thing.

•       Adding the root of a mapped network drive as a Custom Media Location no longer causes issues.

•       Setting the source of a Multiview monitor set to the Scopes Layout no longer causes issues in some multi-monitor configurations.

•       Corrected an issue with NDI Access Manager on some systems.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause Control Surface Mappings to not correctly apply to all rows on some surfaces.


6-0-171029 (October 29, 2017)

•       Corrected a rare issue with analog audio inputs sounding incorrect on some systems.

•       Corrected case sensitivity with registration text fields.

•       Corrected an issue that could come up when streaming simultaneously to multiple streaming entities.

•       Corrected some UI alignment and text issues.


6-0-171019 (October 19, 2017)

•       Corrected an issue which could rarely cause audio issues on startup.

•       TC1L surface T-bars now change color to match the UI.

•       Connecting to PTZ cameras with both NDI and Ethernet/Serial at the same time is no longer allowed as this causes conflicts in control and tally of the camera.

•       Corrected an issue which could cause the sources assigned to hardware outputs to not save correctly in some situations.

•       Skype channels have been updated to a more recent version.

•       Corrected an issue with macro commands not setting NDI, and audio input sources correctly.

•       Corrected an issue with configuration of NDI|HX sources.


6-0-170815 (August 15, 2017)

•       Added a key mapping tab to the “NewTek Control Surfaces” tool located in the Add-Ons area.

•       Corrected an issue with record gain adjustments not being respected in h.264 and audio only recordings.

•       Corrected an issue where Audio input type was not being saved in Audio Mixer presets.

•       Added 24p sessions back to the session creation screen.

•       Corrected some issues with delegating a Mix on a control surface stripe.


Rev 6-0-170629 (June 29, 2017)

·         Corrected an issue with audio when recording inputs directly.

·         Corrected some issues with PTZ camera controls.

·         Corrected issues with shortcuts used in the audio mixer.

·         Corrected issues with streaming to Livestream Enterprise accounts.

·         Corrected a rare issue where the session launch animation could end before the session was completely loaded.

·         Improved the Comp transition duration settings to allow for quicker and more precise Comp transitions.

·         Corrected issues when using SD resolution outputs.

·         Corrected an issue where drag and dropping titles between DDRs and Buffers would not keep user changes.

·         Corrected an issue where an eflash message could come up when creating a new macro.


Rev 6-0-170531 (May 31, 2017)

·         Corrected a delay that could show up when bringing a DSK on or off.

·         Corrected some issues with window layers (sometimes the media browser could come up behind other panels).

·         Improved a/v sync stability in streaming.

·         Corrected a rare session launch issue, where startup would take an abnormally long time.

·         Corrected some complications with importing/exporting presets.

·         Improved TC1 surface responsiveness.