TCXD455, TCXD855, and TCXD40 (version 2) Notes:


Update your TriCaster and take advantage of the newest capabilities in high-performance live production, including:

Rev6e (150624 – June 24, 2015)

·         Streaming will now attempt to re-establish after network connectivity is interrupted.

·         Fixed an issue which could cause the DDR progress indicator to stop updating in specific scenarios.

·         SpeedEdit Addon is correctly sending audio to the TriCaster outputs.

·         Improvements to performance and reliability.


Rev6e (150121 – January 21, 2015)

·         Corrected issue where clips would load with no duration.

·         Fixed the shortcuts for in and out points in DDR1 (“I” and “O”).

·         Updated warning list messages.

·         Improvements to performance and reliability.


Rev6e (141029 – October 29, 2014)

·         Increased timeout for Windows Media Push streaming.

·         Addressed several issues which could rarely occur on startup.

·         Fixed an issue where files which were imported with the transcode option enabled could have an incorrect aspect ratio and be slightly cropped.

·         Updated several warning messages for consistency.

·         Fixed an issue where specific files added to the DDR in specific order could cause problems with playback.


Rev6e (140516 – May 27, 2014)

·         Cancelling a the transcoding of a file while partially complete no longer causes an error.

·         Addressed some issues which could happen when using an iOS 7.04 device to send video to TriCaster.

·         Flash Media Encoder support has been made more robust.

·         Disconnecting from a network source will no longer sometimes reconnect.

·         Issues with Analog video (Composite, Component, Y/C) on some specific machines have been resolved.

·         An issue which could arise when adding and removing Media Locations has been resolved.

·         Problems which could arise from incorrectly entered Serial Number/Registration Code have been addressed.

·         Streaming Web auto download API now works correctly in spawned windows.

·         Streaming panel can no longer fall behind the UI.


Rev6e (140217 – February 18, 2014)

·         We now support iOS 7.0.4 devices using AirPlay to send to the TriCaster net inputs.

·         Corrected an issue where cancelling a transcoding clip in the media management panel could cause the process to crash.

·         In some rare cases, completely exiting the TriCaster software could return the user to a blank desktop. This has now been corrected and completely exiting the TriCaster software should always return to the normal desktop.

·         Improved performance and stability of the streaming configuration panel and related streaming plugins.

·         Added support of additional fonts when importing CG pages from LiveText which contained them, such as Wingdings.

·         Using the TriCaster’s Network input to connect to the network output of newer TriCasters was not functioning properly. This has been fixed.

·         Corrected an issue where zoom presets were not functioning as expected when importing a LiveSet from VSE2.


Rev6e (140106 – January 07, 2014)

·         Media import now always performs transcode by default for file types that would need to be transcoded in order to ensure quality playback.

·         Streaming performance has been improved.

·         DDR Autoplay now respects transition delegates as well as the background transition.

·         In some rare cases, audio could perform a cut when performing a complex set of multi-delegated transitions. This has been fixed.

·         DDR timer options are now stored for each DDR independently.


Rev6e (131114 – November 19, 2013)

·         Added support for toggling Mono for GFX1 and GFX2 in the NewTek TriCaster iPad Audio Mixer app for TriCaster TC40.

·         Autoplay now respects the DSK transition delegates in addition to the main BKGD delegate.

·         Fixed a rare case where transitions with audio could stop playing back the audio portion of the transition.


Rev6e (131015 - October 17, 2013)

·         Added support for iOS7 devices using AirPlay.

·         The Windows file browser should now always open on the monitor containing the main user interface.

·         Maintenance updates to the XD40 version 2 manual.

·         General improvements including increased reliability of the user interface.


Rev6e (131009 - October 09, 2013)

·         In the previous Rev6e build 131006, in some cases, stuttering could occur in the UI and on output. This was resolved with a corrective patch to Rev6e build 131009.


Rev6e (131006 - October 06, 2013)

·         Corrected an issue where occasionally, switching between network sources that included iVGA on a Mac, could cause the TriCaster Net input to stop working.

·         Audio could incorrectly play after switching away from an overlay transition that contained audio. This has been fixed.

·         Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, when starting the TriCaster or exiting a session, the interface could remain black.


Rev6d (130916 - September 16, 2013)

·         Corrected an issue where fonts other than Arial were not selectable for titles.

·         Added fail-over feature to control surfaces. A control surface will now recover after a bad connection or interruption in power or data.

·         Corrected an issue where punching main switcher Auto at the same time as the DSK or Overlay Auto could cause transitions to occur sequentially.

·         Improved the robustness of Network inputs.

·         Added a self-check to the installer to ensure a valid update before uninstalling the previous version of TriCaster software.